Core Business

ACG Pulse AB develops, produces, sells and installs automated handling systems and related RFID equipment, software, services and support to customers in the industrial, garment and health sector.


Already in 1991, ACG was asked to develop an automatic garment handling system for Volvo cars in Gothenburg, Sweden, which, at the time had large losses of work wear. Along with ACG’s research and development department and Berendsen Textile Service (former Tvättman) began a collaboration that would prove successful until today. Hundreds of industrial facilities and hospitals in the Nordic region and Europe have been outfitted with our flagship garment management system, UNIMAT.

About the Group


ACG Gruppen AB

The mother company offering optimal solutions with high quality products and first-class service through competent employees striving after being market leaders in their niches. The ACG Group focuses primarily on Scandinavia and northern and eastern Europe.

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ACG Nyström AB

Founded in 1921, ACG Nyström AB provides equipment and complementary services to the textile industry in Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

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ACG Accent AB

Established in 1991 as an offshoot from ACG Nyström AB. The company’s core business lies in their “Label” and “Transfer” concept providing high-quality labeling for sport and industry.

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ACG Fyrtal AB

Provides guidance for companies to find the right approach to identification and traceability. With several leading product marking and identification solutions, ACG Fyrtal AB operates in many fields such as electronics, process and chemistry, logistics, healthcare, defense, to name a few.

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ACG Kinna Automatik

Founded in 1977, ACG Kinna Automatik is one of the world’s most experienced textile machinery manufactures. Offering its services on a global market, its team of skilled and passionate engineers and products of the highest quality have earned them the trust of some of the world’s largest furniture and home decoration companies.

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Eskils Tryckeri AB

Founded in 1954, Eskils Tryckeri AB is one of Scandinavia’s most modern multi-format printing companies with time and cost efficient materials and processes of the highest quality.

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