Core Business

Smart solutions ensure access​

ACG Pulse AB provides high-quality automated management systems,​ often together with associated RFID technology and software.​
Our Q-Web® Products for unmanned storage areas give the users access to items around the clock, provide fast and efficient traceability with secure item deliveries.​

With our own production, support and service department and together with our own development- and installation team, we jointly create customer-unique system solutions. It provides cost-effective and user-friendly solutions in the daily work, for you in the healthcare sector, industry, laundry and other line of business.


Already in 1991, ACG was asked to develop an automatic garment handling system for Volvo cars in Gothenburg, Sweden, which, at the time had large losses of work wear. Along with ACG’s research and development department and Berendsen Textile Service (former Tvättman) began a collaboration that would prove successful until today. Hundreds of industrial facilities and hospitals in the Nordic region and Europe have been outfitted with our flagship garment management system, UNIMAT.

About ACG Group

ACG Group 100 years

ACG Group – The mother company offering optimal solutions with high quality products and first-class service through competent employees striving after being market leaders in their niches. The ACG Group focuses primarily on Scandinavia and northern and eastern Europe.

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ACG Nyström logo
ACG Nyström adds value throughout the textile process, from product development, technical design and cutting to joining with sewing and other techniques, as, ACG Fyrtal AB became part of ACG Nyström AB and we expandwell as refining with the help of embroidery and textile printing.

In 2020 our products with high-quality solutions for labeling, identification solutions for signs, decals and various types of hard products for both consumers and industry, as well as with our unique 3sixty bottle printer.We work exclusively with world-leading brands that share our vision of offering cutting-edge technology with a service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.Visit Page »

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Responsible product labeling concepts​.

ACG Accent develops world-class creative product labeling concepts, with the least possible environmental impact, for demanding companies in the textile, sports and clothing industry who want to increase the value of their brand. We offer an experienced design studio with cutting-edge knowledge and production of both babel and heat transfer concepts.​

With attractive labeling and packaging solutions as well as seamless global logistics and reliable environmental certificates we guarantee optimal customer benefits in all areas. As example we were the first label company in the world who became bluesign® certified and our objective is to be a market leader in all areas of product labeling.Visit Page »

ACG Production logo
ACG Production is a start-up with a focus on production in Sweden. We work in a cost-effective way and at the same time maintain high quality. With ACG Group’s combined experience and expertise, ACG Production can be involved in influencing the development of textile products and its production.Visit Page »
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​An investment with great returns​

Higher levels of automation mean higher efficiency, productivity and performance. These high-quality solutions also lead to lower costs for staff, maintenance and service. The endurance of machines from ACG Kinna Automatic means that the investment continues to generate good returns, year after year. With our automatic production system you not only buy machines, you “buy money”​.

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Eskils logo

Eskils is the printing company that has taken the step to become a creative communication partner. We offer complete solutions, from analysis and creation, to printing and logistics. Each assignment is unique and results in a smart, tailored concept. All to optimize our efforts so that they always provide the best overall economy for our customers.​

We also know that an ever-growing need for brand experiences places demands on ingenuity, innovation and capacity. That is why we are always on hand to both inspire and relieve with prototypes, test prints and production.​

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