What is important for you and your workplace?

A professional and automated garment handling system that provides your employees with access to clean work wear around the clock, all year round. Not only does this system ensure that your employees are getting the correct garments, but it simplifies providing visitors or temporary workers with the appropriate attire.

Why is it important?

In order to meet market demands for lower costs, higher standards of hygiene, stricter environmental regulations as well as seamless availability of clean work wear; ACG Pulse offers a part of the logistics flow to optimize and simplify your garment management process.

For whom is it important?

  • The employer – conditions are created to ensure and upkeep financial, health and environmental goals through well documented change frequency and statistics
  • The worker – with the systems 24 hour functionality, workers have access to clean work wear whenever needed.

In cooperation with our partner Elis.




Soiled garments are easily returned through the check-in window on the return unit. The user account is instantly updated and clean garments can be withdrawn from the Unimat/Conique.