Wash eco-friendly with Ozone

Traditional washing requires hot water to catalyze chemical activation and thermal disinfection. EcoTex ™ achieves these goals by instead utilizing cold water – thus reducing energy consumption. The life-length of the washed fabrics is extended whilst washing times is reduced – this results in faster wash cycles and less down-time.  Finally, a large part of savings are based in the reduction of chemical usage. Because Ozone oxidizes and sanitizes the garments, bacteria is eliminated quickly with a fraction of the required chemicals.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizing technique on the market

  • Up to 1.5 times more effective and many times faster than chlorine
  • Better bacterial elimination than thermal disinfection
  • The future of washing technology

Easy to install and use

  • Installed on existing washing machines
  • Requires no additional water piping
  • The system includes diagnostic and status indicators that inject the correct amount of Ozone and Oxygen


Hot Water Energy 90%
Total Water 35%
Electricity 30%
Labor Efficiency 20%
Linen 11%

EcoTex™ Advantages

  • Quick ROI
  • Elimination of bacteria
  • Reduction of chemical consumption
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Time saving
  • Extended fabric lifespan
  • Cleaner waste-water
  • Wall mounted – requires no floor space