What is the Q-Products?

The Q-Products is the latest line of products from ACG Pulse AB. The broad range of products covers everything from smart storage to RFID solutions and Track and Trace. The goal of the Q-Products line of products is to provide your organization with the necessary tools to keep control over usage and consumption of work wear and equipment.

The Q-Product Core

The core of the Q-Products lies in the 24-hour accessibility and in the synchronization of information between units to a single database that can easily be viewed and export vital data to optimize and plan purchasing and replenishment. Each user uses an assigned magnetic keycard or tag to gain access to the units and every accessible article is linked to their respective unit – this means that Q-Products units record and update the database in real time with withdrawal & return information, as well as who has withdrawn and returned articles.

Why do you need Q-Products?

Loss of workwear or equipment, regardless of price, is an unnecessary cost for any organization. Q-Products products will ensure minimized losses by increasing control over workwear and equipment. Another great benefit of Q-Products products, similar to UNIMAT™ / Conique®, is the ability to ensure that hygiene and other documented regulations are followed by viewing frequency statistics in the integrated web-interface software.


Q-Web® Gate

Q-Web® Spin RFID

Q-Web® Lock RFID

Q-Web® Cabin

Q-Web® Soil

Q-Web® Shelf


All our Q-Products ar compatible with our smart web-based administration tool Q-Web®